Windows 8.1 Adjustments – Shut Down Directly Via Start Button

Windows 8.1 Adjustments - Shut Down Directly Via Start ButtonSince most users find it hard to work with Windows 8, there have been some modifications with the goal to make your life a bit easier by letting you shut down or restart your PC from the Start screen.

The preview edition of Windows 8.1 isn’t due out until Wednesday, but the Windows Server 2012 R2 preview is available now for download. Since both versions share many features in common, the server-based preview provides a good glimpse at what’s ahead for PC and tablet users.

Now you can see this option right there on the PC’s Start screen. Simply right-click on the new Start button to display the familiar pop-up menu, you’ll now find a shut down command at the bottom of the menu, which lets you turn off or restart your device.

Windows 8 offers a few different ways to shut down or restart, none of them ideal for the users, so this new option is clearly Microsoft’s attempt to make the feature more accessible.

Users will realize that there are few other changes in the Windows 8.1 Start screen. The tile for “Computer” has been renamed “This PC.” An arrow at the bottom of the Start screen takes you directly to the Apps screen. You can select multiple tiles and then run a single command on all of them in one shot. And some tiles give you a choice of sizes, including Small, Medium, Wide, and Large.

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