Secure Networks ITC Partnered with two giants in today’s Virtualization World (VMWare and Microsoft) delivering Virtual Solutions to fit your organization, budget and help bring greener planet for the future.

If your company is looking to leverage latest technology and help preserve energy, high emission pollution and improve it’s accessibility, Secure Networks ITC will tailor solution to fit your environment and make your business 100% productive and up. Often it’s hard to make a choice between two technologies we offer, but our certified specialists are here to make that task easy. Not many businesses out there is aware of this technology at this momnent, and they still think it is an expensive way to run their businesses and not often reliable as having old-school hardware servers grinding your electric grid and making noise in your data center or office.

With Virtualization you can benefit in several different ways:

  • Lower number of physical servers – which automatically reduce maintenance cost
  • By implementing server consolidation strategy, you increase space efficiency in your office or data center
  • Move you applications to it’s own virtual server and reduce impact on each other
  • Develop standard virtual server build which you can deploy in no time
  • Deploy multiple operating systems on a single hardware platform (Windows, Linux, Sun, Apple)

As you can see by deploying virtualization within your environment, you can reduce cost, improve efficiency and lower cost of ownership. As we mentioned above we incorporate two technologies at this point and that’s VMWare Virtualization and Microsoft Hyper-V. Depending on your organization size and needs we tailor these to fit your business model and help you reduce cost and increase productivity.

Why Virtualization?

Well answer is simple, saves money, easy maintenance, better monitoring, fail-over capabilities, backup/restore options, disaster recovery, migrations and testing all made easy. If you are interested in moving to virtual environment please call us today and one of our virtualization technology specialists will help you decide which technology to deploy.

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