Secure Networks ITC started project “Umbrella” couple of years ago to help its clients to improve their network security. We live in an un-secure world, and many times hackers, crackers and scammers proved us that. We studied patters and learned from our clients to establish reliable security platforms and protections so that we can help protect what is most valuable for your business.

It is very hard to bridge between your employees needs and what they can actually do when they expose themselves to the outside world, and we talk internet here. We’re not going to be talking about internet threats, vulnerabilities, trojans or intrusion and exploit of your network and give best practices how to do it, we’ll just list things we learned, trained and deployed in the last couple of years and they work.

Everyone’s Umbrella is different

Every company infrastructure is unique entity on the internet, and every employee is different. Our mission here is to study your network infrastructure, your employees habits, and combine all that with latest threats, software, policies, rules, standards and even social engineering techniques to get best possible results in protecting your systems from unauthorized access.

What is covered under “Umbrella”

  • Full infrastructure security assessment
  • Physical security assessment
  • Social Engineering
  • Penetration Testing (PEN)
  • Intrusion Diagnostics
  • Policies and Standards
  • Security Planning and Deployment
  • Reporting and Monitoring

We didn’t listed all the details as this is something that is individual for different environments and platforms. Please call us or go to free network assessment form and fill out all the information there and one of our security specialists will call you to make an appointment and discuss your security needs.

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