To run your business you need healthy network and devices that manage your data flow thru your infrastructure. Your network is not your server only, it’s your switch, router and firewall as well. If you ever experienced network slowness, wired behavior in your data transfer from server to your computer, external network access bottlenecks or even worse network intrusions, then you understand the meaning of network infrastructure importance within your organization.

We use best practices to analyze your present infrastructure and data integrity throughout your network. We can run variety of stress tests on your network in order to successfully locate any potential bottlenecks and/or security vulnerabilities. We understand how important is for your business to have your network running smoothly with minimal downtime. We use advanced monitoring tools and daily data reporting that can help us prevent any downtime and also we can provide solution for active/passive fail-over of your network and network connectivity.

This means that if you are experiencing high bandwidth usage on your network, and your network for example keeps failing for some unknown reason, maybe you should consider implementing and deploying fail-over or load balancing solutions. If you’re running servers that need access from the outside 24×7 like Terminal Server, Exchange, SharePoint or Web Server you should consider any of these solutions.

List of Advanced Network Services:

  • Network Management
  • Network Optimization
  • Network Analysis
  • 24×7 Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Patch Management
  • Firmware Upgrades
  • Rule settings
  • MAC Filtering
  • Bottlenecks prevention
  • Internet connectivity management
  • Fail-over solutions
  • Load balancing solutions
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